The National Bureau for NGOs was established by the NGO Act, 2016 as a semi-autonomous Government entity under the Ministry of Internal Affairs to register, regulate, coordinate, monitor, inspect and oversee the activities of the NGO sector.

Section 20 of the NGO Act, 2016 provides for the establishment, composition and functions of District Non-Governmental Organizations Monitoring Committees (DNMCs) to monitor and supervise activities of CBOs, keep an updated register of CBOs, consider applications for registration by CBOs recommending Organisations to the NGO Bureau for registration among others.

In order to efficiently and effectively execute its functions as DNMCs, the National Bureau for NGOs in collaboration with VNG-International planned to carry out capacity-building training for the members of the DNMCs and SNMCs and other stakeholders in districts of Yumbe, Koboko, Koboko Municipality, Terego, and Aura City  

The overall goal of the capacity development support was to strengthen the function and engagements of the DNMC and SNMCs to execute their mandate in monitoring and overseeing NGO operations within their jurisdiction. At the end of the training, the NGO Bureau had created awareness and clarified the provisions of the legislative framework (NGO Act 2016, NGO regulations 2017).  Also the DNMC, SNMCs, local government officials and NGOs were all aware of their roles and responsibilities for the effective execution of their mandate.  We also expect to have improved internal coordination and communication mechanisms across the district, sub-counties and NGO players moving forward.